Welcome To Reiki Paws

REIKI PAWS Focuses Both On Animals AND “Their People”.

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. I'm Sherri Lynn, Certified Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor. My mission is to offer gentle and compassionate healing for animals and their people through the use of Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. In many instances, a session will also include the relaying of information between an animal and their person.  A by product of this work is to help foster a more compassionate and loving world for others as well as our animals and ourselves.

Since animals are much more in tune with energy and nature, they are extremely receptive to energy work.  They seek out ways to keep a healthy flow. Animals are open and trust the light and love that flows through an energy practioner's hands. For these reasons, they are excellent candidates for treatment.

The benefits to animals receiving Reiki are endless. With my own animals, as well as in my practice, I have witnessed dramatic physical, emotional and behaviorial improvements after just a single treatment. In my day-to-day life, I have come across animals in need of healing that just help themselves by drawing the healing energy out of my hands before I even touch them.  I have had this happen with domestic animals as well as wildlife and zoo animals. My willingness to be open and communicate with them on their level has also enabled me to assist them in their healing. 

Prior to my own experiences with Reiki and other energy modalities, I was the biggest skeptic. With the volume of healing I've offered and outcomes witnessed, I believe it's much more then coincidence. As a direct result of my efforts, many skeptics have turned into believers!  Give it a try. Make your appointment today. Your pet is worth it!